Canvas wraps are an elegant, frame-less presentation for an art canvas.  An image is applied directly onto the canvas, which is then wrapped tightly around a wooden structure called stretcher or strainer bars.  Wraps therefore have a printed image not only on the front of the canvas, but also carrying over onto the sides.  The "wrapped" imagery on the sides may be a continuation or reflection of the main image, or a solid color or gradient that compliments the main image.  On our site, we usually distinguish between the different types using industry standard terms as follows:

Gallery Wraps

Gallery Wraps have an image on the sides of the canvas.  For some images, this is merely the continuation of the image on the front, literally wrapped around the sides to the back.  In other cases, where this is inappropriate because the main subject of the image is too close to one or more of the edges, the sides may show a reflection of the main image or gradient of the the image's main colors, giving the impression of a seamless continuation of the image without spoiling the subject.


Museum Wraps

In some cases, the best presentation of a canvas wrap is to simply have a solid color on the edges rather than any image.  The color may be matched to a major color in the image or complimentary to the image.  Wraps with a solid color around the sides are referred to as Museum Wraps.


Our canvas wraps are produced by printing on professional-grade canvas in very high resolution with Canon LUCIA EX pigment inks.  The canvases are then secured over solid wood stretcher bars, keeping the canvas from bowing or bending over time.  

All of the canvas wraps and posters that we sell are produced on equipment sold and serviced by our sister company, Dorado Graphix LLC.




Our sister company, Dorado Graphix sells, services, and

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