Our Mission

To curate and produce art that reflects and celebrates the broad spectrum of human interests and experiences in a way that inspires and brings color to any space.

Who we are

Artful Underground is located in Jacksonville, Florida.  We produce artwork from a gallery of vintage and modern images as well as our own original photography and digital artwork. 

All of the merchandise that we sell is produced on equipment sold by our sister company, Dorado Graphix LLC.  Dorado sells, services, and provides training on a variety of wide-format equipment.  The partnership allows us to have a much deeper working understanding of the equipment that we use, enabling us to get the best possible results.  In turn, our production facility gives the technicians and trainers at Dorado much more hands-on practice than they would otherwise be able to experience.  In this way, Artful Underground acts as the R&D arm of Dorado Graphix as well as a stand-alone production house.  As we test and perfect different techniques and applications, Dorado team members can pass that knowledge on to their customers to help them get the most from their equipment purchase, and Artful Underground can add new artistic offerings.

What we do

Artful Underground sells high-quality art prints in various forms.  Posters, canvas wraps including gallery wraps and museum wraps, as well as photographic gloss prints constitute our current offerings.  All of the artwork available through our store is either classic art, royalty free imagery, or original photography or digital artwork.  Artful Underground maintains a catalog of works selected for the appropriateness of the image type, quality, and subject for our various media offerings.  Each entry in our catalog will feature a number of options for size and/or media type, be it as a poster, a gallery wrap, and so on.  We do not not sell custom prints.

Our Gallery

Our website is set up like a digital gallery with a number of exhibits.  You can choose which art you view by selecting a particular exhibit focusing on a theme, a color, or the media type of the original work. Each individual piece of art is likely to show up in multiple exhibits, as appropriate.  For example, a photograph of a beautiful sunset may show up in the exhibits Media-photography, in Color-warm, and in Theme-nature.  You may also choose to view all the art in an uncategorized fashion, sorted alphabetically by name. Finally, you may use the search box on the main page to find a piece of art.  The aforementioned sunset may show up for search terms like sunset, sun, nature, or orange, for example.  



Our sister company, Dorado Graphix sells, services, and

trains on all of the equipment used to produce the art sold

at Artful Underground